You can use the SEARCH BOX to find a particular photo.  Just type in the Photo #.

You must first purchase one of the following 3 choices for all photos requested taken:
1.  the Original 8x10
2.  the Original High Resolution Digital File-We will Email you the file, THERE IS NO DOWNLOAD LINK!
3.  pay the Original Photo Surcharge (same price as the Cancellation Fee).

Once you've paid for one of the above three choices, you can then reorder reprints, additional digital files or a package at the reorder prices.  You can also order reprints of photos previously ordered at the Reprint Prices.  We do not send out partial orders, pls include the cancellation fee for photos not ordered at the time you place your order.  Non-receipt of photos ordered must be reported to us within 30 days of your ordering or 60 days from the show date.

Please read the Policies, especially the Terms of Media Use License under Policies, Item #8.  Photos posted on this website may not be appear sharp as they are very small files.  Ordered photos will be.

Type in your address, phone & Email, and don't worry about the "Country" if in the US as this website does not print the mailing labels.  I just need it to make sure I've got the address right in my database.  If you change the mailing address from the entry, pls make a note under "Comments" so we don't miss it.  If you don't receive photos within 14 days of ordering, please let us know at once.  Otherwise, we are unable to replace them.  Photo orders are mailed out within 10 working days after a show.  Digital files are usually Emailed within 24 hours once we receive them.  Weekends may take longer if we're out of town.  We offer priority mail with insurance and tracking as an extra charge.

Note that the website charges a $3 S/H fee on the total of every order-yes even Emailed digital files.  It's the way the website is set up and I can't change it.  Prices are adjusted to account for this. 

This website is set up for payment using Paypal.  You can pay with a credit card with Paypal by checking out as a "Guest".  If you don't want to use Paypal, you can either print out your order and mail it with a check, or a Visa/MC which we can keep on file for future orders.  You can also FAX orders with a Visa/MC to:  985-845-3242.  We ask that you order all your photos at once including any cancellation fees as we do not send out incomplete orders, or accounts with past due photos.

We can mail an 8x10 of each win to our established clients with a Visa/MC on file.  New Clients, or clients who may not want a standing 8x10 order can order on-line through this site.  We will mail you a postcard when photos are posted so you can order on line.  We can also keep your Visa/MC on file and you can Email us what you want to order.  Just let us know your preference.

You can pay for photographs you've received by using the "PAYING FOR INVOICES" button with Paypal.  You can also use this to pay a combination not on the website and then Email your order to us.  You can also use this link if this website is having "issues".  Just Email us what you want and then use the link to take you straight to Paypal.

If you want to receive only Emailed digital files of future photos, just Email us and let us know.  We're here to make the photo and ordering experience as tailored to your needs as we can make it.  We Email digital files as soon as we receive the order provided when we have a reliable internet connection.  We often cannot access the website on weekends and when we are travelling.  We will then Email them as soon as we return (ususally Monday or Tuesday).  8x10 copies are usually mailed out within 5 working days or less.

If you want us to add or change any wording to the sign, please list it under "Comments" when you order.

You can reorder older photos or photos not posted on this site by using the "Generic Order" under the "Public Galleries".  Just enter the Photo # of the photo you want under the "Comments" section at check out.  You can find the photo # on your bill or the back of the photo.  We do not delete older photos and you can order any photo we've taken for you since September 2004.

We print and mail out all of our photos.  Our photos are printed on a Fuji Frontier printer using traditional silver halide process on Fuji Crystal Archival paper, and not on a dye sublimation or ink jet printer as do many other photographers.  Our work thus has better colors and image quality and will hold those colors longer without fading.

We can also Email you your photos.  You cannot download them yourself, we Email them to you when we receive your order. This is usually the same day you order.  If you don't receive a digital file Emailed within 2 days, please Email us to make sure we received the order.  We can also email your photos straight to your ad designer or magazine.

If you decide you do not wish to buy a photo you requested at a show, there is a Cancellation Fee. Show photos are not made on speculation, either you or your Agent calls for the show photographer and requests a photo taken. Please select the Cancellation Fee for that Photo # on the price list.  It will be listed on you cart, and you can view your cart with the "View Cart" button. You can order reprint at any time once you've paid this fee.  If you wish for us to remove your photo from the website, just Email us with the Photo #.

If you receive a photo that is not yours, pls write on the outside of the envelope in big letters:  NOT MINE-RETURN TO SENDER and drop it in the mail.  You do not need to add postage.  Also Email us if you received a card for a photo that is not yours.  Please Email the photo # so we can credit your account at:  sosaphoto@charter.net