1.  Do we charge when we are asked to take a photo?

Yes, we charge a fee for photos that we take.  Show win photos are not made on speculation, they are requested by your or your agent. When you purchase your photo or digital file, this Fee is included in the price of the photo.  If you do not want a photo that you requested, please go to that Photo # and select the Cancellation Fee. It will be listed on your Cart at Checkout.  Once you've paid this fee you can order at the Reprint Prices at any time.  You also need to pay for any other (previous) photos requested before we will send new photos.  We do not send out partial orders, pls include the cancellation fee for photos not ordered along with your order.  If you truly feel we took a bad photo of your dog through no fault of yours (dog is trained and handler is experienced), pls contact us and we'll gladly speak with you about it.

2.  Can we add a judge to a photo?

Yes, we can add the judge to a photo made at the backdrop when required, but our preference is still to have the judge stand in photos and hold the ribbons.  While we do not charge to add the judge, by the judge holding the ribbons, the exhibitor has a record of the win, and not a composite photo created by the photographer.

3. Do we post photos on-line for you to see and buy?

Yes, by requesting a show win photo, you agree that we can post it on this website, and that we can provide (or sell) a copy to the Show Giving Club, or the American Kennel Club (if requested), and to trade publications (magazines) for their editorial use.  Just click on GALLERIES and select the shows where you had photos made. Galleries are listed chronologically by date.  The oldest ones are at the top, the most recent towards the bottom.  You can also enter your photo # in Search Box to look for your photo.  Watermarked proofs may not be shared on social media, used on websites or shared in any other manner.

4.  Can I purchase any photo on the website?

You can only purchase photos of your own dogs as listed in the show catalog. To purchase a photo of a dog you do not own, pls have the owner Email us. We print and mail all photos so we can make sure the quality is up to our standards.  We always pick the best photo of the dog, not necessarily of the people!  Please read how you can use the photos under the Terms of Use under Item #8 below.  We do not disclose or sell information to third parties.

5. Can we Email you your photos?

We can Email your photos to you, to a magazine, or to your Ad Designer. All you need to do is order a high resolution digital file on this website and Email us the Email address of where you want it sent to, if not your Email. You can also FAX ( 985-845-3242 ) or Email us ( sosaphoto@charter.net) with the request, along with a credit card. We can keep the card on file and if you wish, use it for future orders. You can also pay on line and check out as a Guest with a credit card via Pay-Pal on this website.  If you don't want to use Paypal, you can FAX your order with a Visa or Mastercard, or mail in your order with a check.  Please let us know if you don't receive an Email file within 2 days of ordering.

6. What if a Gallery is missing or empty right after the show?

We view, process, color correct and crop every photo before we load it to the Galleries. This work takes time.  We do not load raw files as taken, only the best finished photo of your dog. If a Gallery is empty or you don't see your photo, pls check back. We will mail you a post card once the photos are posted with your Photo #s about two weeks after the show.. Scroll through the different photo pages in the Gallery to locate your Photo #, then click on it to select it and order.  You can also enter your photo # in Search Box to look for your photo.  If you want us to remove your photo from a Gallery just Email us the photo #.

7.  Photo Adjustments/Changes/Refunds

When viewing your photo on line, if you feel it's too light or too dark, or there is something you want us to change ( like the wording on the sign ), please Email us .  We will Email you back if necessary.  If you want  Photoshop work done on a photo, we quote Digital Custom work on an individual basis. Please Email us at:  sosaphoto@charter.net
Please Note that if you make a mistake ordering and need a refund, Paypal no longer refunds their fee to us, and thus, your Paypal refund will be what you paid less the Paypal fee (typically 3-5%).

8.  For How Long Can I Order A Photo and how can I use it?

We ask that you place your original order or pay the cancelation fee within 2 weeks of being posted on line.  However, we do not delete photos at the end of the year like other photographers so you can re-order old photos for as long as you want.  You can purchase any photo we've taken for you since September 2004.  How can I use the photographs or digital files purchased-please read the "fine print" below and ask if you have any questions: 

Terms of Media Use License:

Sosa Photography is the sole owner of the images and copyright, and grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the images (Media) you have purchased from us of your dog for the following purposes:

Editorial purposes, promotion, brochures, make prints, posters, flyers, for advertising purposes but not for resale.  Advertising of the exhibit in magazines, books, newspapers other printed publications. Further, digital files purchased may be posted on the web. Web use size may not exceed 72 dpi (dots per inch) resolution, and a maximum file size of 350 KB (350,000 bytes).  You can Email us for web ready digital files, or you can resize high resolution digital files purchased from us for web use.

What you may NOT do with the Media:

You may not resell, relicense, redistribute Media (digital files, photographs, etc.), scan photographs or copy photos from the website, without the expressed written permission from Sosa Photography.  You may not use Media as a derivative work and reselling or redistributing such derivative work is prohibited.  Media may not be used in any illegal, immoral, libelous or defamatory manner, or infringe on the rights of third parties, or used in a manner not agreed to by all the owners or co-owners of the exhibit (the dog and or people photographed).  Media may not be incorporated into trademarks, logos, or service marks and media may not be made available for download.  Sosa Photography retains all rights, license, title, ownership and copyright of all Media.  Watermarked Media may not be shared on social media, used on websites or shared in any other manner.  There is no warranty expressed or implied with the purchase of Media.  Neither the Content Provider, nor Sosa Photography will be liable for any claims or incidental, consequential or other damages arising out of this license or the buyer's use of the Media.  The purchaser of the Media agrees to the above Terms of Use and agrees to indemnify, defend  and hold Sosa Photography harmless for any unauthorized use or for any allegations and claims arising in whole or in part from the use of said Media.

9.  By you or your Agent (the person showing the dog) requesting us to take a photo, you agree to the above policies.