Original Order from Each File

Original 8x10 - $34.00
(includes Original Surcharge)-First print only-order extras at reprint prices below.
Original High Resolution Digital File Emailed - $40.00
(includes Original Surcharge-Note: you are ordering an Emailed file NOT a photo.  If you order an Original 8x10, order the Scan at the Additional Scan Price below).

Original Photo Surcharge or Cancellation Fee

Original Photo Surcharge - if you don't wish to buy the Original 8x10 or Scan, but want to buy only reprints or packages at the prices below. This option does not include any prints, you must order them at the reprint prices below.    $20.00 
Cancellation: Photos Requested at a Show but not Purchased. Once paid, you can order prints at the reprint prices below.    $20.00

8x10 Reprint Print Prices After Original Order

One Reprint 8x10    $16.00 
2 Reprint 8x10's      $28.00 
3 Reprint 8x10's      $34.00

Color 5x7 Reprint Prices After Original Order

One Reprint 5x7    $14.00 
2 Reprint 5x7's     $22.00 
4 Reprint 5x7's     $34.00 

Color 4x5 Reprint Prices After Original Order

2 Reprint 4x5's    $12.00
4 Reprint 4x5's    $20.00 
8 Reprint 4x5's    $32.00 
12 Reprint 4x5's   $45.00

Color Print Packages After Purchasing Original Order

Package A: 2 8x10's & 4 4x5's                      $36.00 
Package B: 2 5x7's & 8 4x5's                        $38.00 
Package C: 1 8x10 & 2 4x5's & 8 wallets       $40.00 
Package D: 1 8x10 & 16 wallets                     $44.00 
Package E: 2 8x10's & 4 4x5's & 8 wallets     $50.00 

Large Color Print Prices After Purchasing Original Order

11" x 14"   $55.00 
16" x 20"   $95.00 
11" x 14" Printed on Canvas and Mounted    $165.00
16" x 20" Printed on Canvas and Mounted    $225.00

Additional Digital Scans After Purchasing Original Order

Low Resolution Web-use Scan emailed to owner                   $15.00 
High Resolution scan emailed by us directly to a magazine   $20.00 
High Resolution Scan emailed to owner                                $20.00 

Digital Custom Work - Email us for a Quote

Digital Custom Work ( minor )                           $20.00 
Digital Custom Work ( medium )                        $30.00 
Add the Judge to a photo-Not always possible     $40.00 
Digital Custom Work ( substantial )                    $50.00 

Miscellaneous Services

Additional Mailing: from us to a third party. List addresses under "Comments" at Checkout.  $3.50 
Scans burned on a CD & mailed instead of Emailed  $5.00 (you must also order the digital file).
2 Day Mail with Insurance and Tracking  $6.00 
Rushed Scans (before posted on line) in addition to Scan Price  $15.00 
Rushed Photos (2 Day) in addition to Photo Price  $20.00